Never mix carrot and orange juice!

Never mix carrot and orange juice!

Not all food combinations are safe. Some may have side effects too. Yes, this applies to some fruits and vegetables. Read more Never mix carrot and orange juice!

For example, oranges and carrots should not be eaten together. You can only eat two different sweet fruits if they do not contain acid. For example, apples, watermelon, and plums can be consumed together.

Grapefruit, oranges, lemons, grapes, blueberries, and kiwis contain acid (citrus) and Thus, they should not be combined at random with other fruits.

Raspberries, apples, mangoes, & strawberries are semi acidic. Avocado, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, & coconuts are considered neutral. There, they can be had together.

Now, here are some combinations to totally avoid.

Milk and Pineapple

When you consume milk and pineapple together, you may experience some side effects like nausea, infections, diarrhea, headaches and even stomach pain. The combination of bromelain and lactic acid may not go well.

Never mix carrot and orange juice! Carrot and Orange

If you suffer from digestive problems, this combo can make them worse. Yes, acid reflux, heartburn, & even kidney problems could be among the side effects of this combination.

Pudding and Banana

Your body may have trouble digesting them together. So you may feel sleepy or foggy for a while. In addition, this combo can prove toxic.

Banana and Guava

Nausea, acidosis, headache, & gas problem is some side effects of this combo.

Lemon and Papaya

Some sources claim that this combination could even cause hemoglobin problems and cause anemia!

Milk and Orange

The problem with having milk, orange juice, and cereals together is that your body may be unable to digest them together.

Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are healthy. But that does not mean you can eat them all at once. The fruits contain sugar and take longer to digest. When you eat vegetables also with them, the digestive system can slow down and cause gas problems, diarrhea and headaches as well.

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