Arbi or Taro root Masala Vrat Recipe for you!

Navratri means new dresses, lights, dandiya dance, fun, and extra fun. If ‘Dandiya’ is the performed in East of India, ‘Dhunuchi Naach’ of Bengal is the real pleasure and enjoyment to the eyes. Read about Arbi or Taro root Masala Vrat Recipe for you!.

And when it happens to before-mentioned a big festival, you cannot neglect specific cuisines. From Bengali’s ‘Kosha Mangsho’ on Navaratri to ‘Jalebi with Rabbi’ of UP can do you go crazed on the festive days.

In various households, men & women keep active on Navratri. You will require recipes for fasting that are healthy & delicious. Arbi masala is one such famous dish of North India that has made when Navratri for those who are fasting.

Related thalipeeth or sabudana ki khichdi, it is the various light dish that keeps the energy on though you fast & enjoy Navratri.

Arbi masala curry recipe is before-mentioned a dish to keep busy during the day while fasting. Do you recognize how to make it? Great, follow this easy recipe below.

Arbi or Taro root Masala Vrat Recipe for you!Ingredients:

1. Arbi (Taro root): 10 to 12
2. Ajwain : half teaspoon
3. Turmeric powder : half teaspoon
4. Red chili powder : half teaspoon
5. Garam masala powder : half teaspoon
6. Oil : two tablespoon
7. Water : two cups
8. Salt as per required
9. Few strands of mint and coriander For The Masala Paste
10. Tomatoes : 3
11. Green Chilli :1
12. Ginger : half inch
13. Cumin seeds : one teaspoon


  • First, wash the arbis well & put inside the pressure cooker. Wait for about two whistles.
  • Now, remove the water. Peel off the taro root and cut them into 2 to 4 pieces. Keep it away.
  • Then, take all components for paste & put those in a blender. Blend everything well to make the perfect masala paste.
  • Now, heat the pan. Combine oil in it & sauté ajwain.
  • Combine the masala paste you have cooked. Stir the mix, so that it does not burn from the base.
  • Combine rest of the components. statue well.
  • When you notice the masala leaving oil, salt, combine water and cooked arbis.
  • Keep the fire over low-medium & allow the vegetable cook well.
  • When the gravy begins to thicken, join chopped coriander & mint or pudina leaves. Your arbi or taro root masala curry is available to serve.