7 Top Healing Herbs And Spices

7 Top Healing Herbs And Spices

There are many herbs & spices have medicinal values. In this article let us learn about the seven top herbs and spices that are best for our health. Certain spices are used to cure a cold and flu where in there are other herbs that help you heal faster.

The time you hear the word “SPICES OR HERBS,” you think of the food & dishes. But using these herbs and spices to cure an illness is the plus point. So, let us check out the top healing herbs and spices that help you in curing and improving your health. Most of the herbs and spices has stuffed with antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties that help you improve your health from the inside.

Read on to know about the top Healing herbs and spices that help you to heal your body in this article.

 Top Healing herbs and spicesCayenne

It has anti-diabetes benefits. This spicy spice helps in the treatment of shingles pain and diabetes-related nerve pain. Include this spice in your diet at least in one meal as it has real healing powers.


It is the most healing herb. It has many health benefits, & it also can improve the blood sugar, and it improves the insulin level as well. This medicinal herb inhibits blood clots as well.


Cloves have filled with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It prevents heart diseases, avoids cancer growth & slows down the cartilage and bone damage caused due to arthritis.

Coriander seeds

These coriander seeds help in improving the digestion. All you want to do is make a tea of crushed coriander seeds and drink it. It immediately helps in improving your digestion process.


It helps to increase the saliva that in return improves the digestive juices that help in good digestion. Avoid excess intake of the mustard seeds as it results in the strong laxative effect that can lead to vomiting.


It is the best spice for healthy teeth. It has high antibacterial properties. It kills the bacteria in the mouth & helps to avoid decay. It has considered as an antidepressant as well.


Turmeric is among the top most healing spice for better health. It stimulates the appetite & as helps in digestion. It has considered as the top most spice for the anticancer agent. These are the 7 top healing herbs and spices that contribute to staying healthy. If you have any, then feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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Weird Household Uses Of Butter

Weird Household Uses Of Butter

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Butter is one of the most significant foods in the daily life. Yes, it is true that the saturated fat in it can direct you to obesity. But how can you withdraw dishes like chicken butter masala or butter dessert? Still, you have to think of the health first. You can have the low-fat butter like peanut butter to remaining healthy. But, rather of eating it, use it in other methods.

What are the various weird household uses of butter? Yes, there are various. If your ring has stuck on your finger, rub with some butter, and it will come out smoothly. It’s winter, and your lips can get cracked. Rub little butter on your lips before going to bed and get smooth lips in the morning. So, there are more than six weird household uses of butter. Follow these and you can find fun in your boring household jobs.

When you get busy with the household work, you will find it difficult to deal with particular problems. For example, you get confused how to exclude stains from jackets, purses, belts, etc. and make those shiny. Butter can assist you to solve the problem. Also, it helps shine the metal of your house. Yes, these are some weird household uses of butter, but these tips are very handy too. Here are six weird household uses of butter listed below-

Weird Household Uses Of ButterRemove Glue-

While working with glue, it can stick to your hand. Water and soap often fail to remove it well. Follow this trick. Rub butter on both of your hands and wash with soap and running water. The glue would remove quickly.

Keep Away Stink-

One of the six weird households uses of butter. Often your hands get sticky after washing fish. Also, it becomes desperate to get rid of that smell from utensils. Apply butter on stinky areas. Wash with warm water and soap. Neither your hand nor tools will have that odor anymore.

Remove Tree Sap-

It should count on the list of weird household uses of butter. If you see tree sap on the car, rub butter on the affected area with the soft cloth. Then, rinse it away with soap & water. Your car would soon be sap free.

Smoothens Knife-

You are ready with the knife to cut the birthday cake. But the knife does not move well and give to tattered pieces. So, from now on, when you cut sticky things like pastry, toffees, marshmallows, etc., spread some butter on the knife to get a smooth cut.

Untangles Jewelries-

The list of 6 weird household uses of butter won’t complete without this usage. You often get yourself into tangled position while ordering your gold chain. Why fear when butter is near? Apply it to the knot and use the needle to untangle it. Wash in lightly soapy water.

For Cat Training-

Now, this is weird. You have experienced the darting cat while taking it on a trip. Rub butter carefully on its paws. It would be busy to lick its paws and will get time to accustomed to the unknown surrounding. It helps the pet and you to enjoy the holiday.

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Kitchen Tips To Peel Garlic In 5 Minutes

Kitchen Tips To Peel Garlic In 5 Minutes

I watch my mother peeling garlic twice in the month and trust me it isn’t an easy job. Firstly, the patience involved in the process is disturbing enough and to add to the menace the pungent aroma of garlic that lurks on your fingers… simply yuck!

If you want to help your mother into trying different ways to peel garlic, here are some of the kitchen hacks to introduce her too.

Cleaning or peeling garlic can be done in just about 5 minutes and guess what, it doesn’t involve too much of your fingers too.

These simple Kitchen Tips To Peel Garlic In 5 Minutes that are mentioned her below will blow your mind. So, what are you waiting for, take a look at how you can put this idea to use and make peeling garlic the best job to do around your home.

Spare 5 minutes with this method and voila, you’ve got your garlic ready for your chicken dish:

Kitchen Tips To Peel Garlic In 5 Minutes Trick 1 – In a container of water, soak the garlic along with the skin. After an hour remove the garlic and press it against the ground. The skin will automatically release from the pod.

Trick 2 – To peel garlic all you need to do is smash the garlic with a knife. Now place the garlic beneath your knife and firmly press on it with your palms.

Trick 3 – This is one of the best ways to peel garlic in less than 5 minutes. Place the whole garlic in the microwave and time for 30 seconds. When you remove it from the microwave, the skin will be roasted. Simply peel it off with ease.

Trick 4 – You can also use a skillet to chaar the skin if you don’t have a microwave.

Trick 5 – The most common kitchen tip to peel garlic in 5 minutes is this trick. Place the garlic in a container with a lid and shake it vigorously for 5 to 9 minutes continuously. Soon the husk will separate leaving you with only the pods left. Isn’t this the best way to peel garlic at home in minutes.

Green Juice Masks That Make Hair Shine

Green Juice Masks That Make Hair Shine

It is the chance to look at some of the excellent juices you can pamper the hair. These juices on the list that Boldsky has shared with you are readily available since you want to prepare it at home. One thing that is popular on the list is that all these juices had made out of only green fruits & vegetables. The presence of vitamins & nutrients in these green foods will help to increase your locks thus giving it a natural shine in week’s time.

What is more surprising is that these green juices that have used for your hair is not only best to make the locks shine, but to also help to get rid of other hair difficulties like dry hair, dandruff, lice & even split ends as the minerals in these juices serve to make the hair soft. So, what you were are waiting for, have a look at some of the green juice masks you can apply to get shiny hair. Green Juice Masks That Make Hair Shine

Green Juice Masks That Make Hair ShineMint Juice

In the pot of hot water, add a hundred gms of mint leaves. Release it to boil in the water for 15 minutes. Now strain the water and wash the hair with this water to get natural shiny hair in a week’s time.

Cabbage Juice

Grind one whole cabbage to paste. Add half the mug of rose water to the dough to make a hair mask. Now apply this cabbage juice to your scalp to get shiny hair in less than 15 days.

Spinach Juice

Boil 500 gms of spinach. When done, grind the leaves to the paste. Now add fresh milk to the paste to make the hair mask or spinach juice. Rinse your hair with this green juice to make the hair shine naturally.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is cooling for your hair & is one of the best green veggies you can use on your tresses to get the shiny mane. On the other hand, this herbal hair mask prevents your hair from getting too oily too.

Bean Juice

Beans one of the giant veggies rich in proteins, which is why it is on the list to pamper your hair. Grind 500 gms beans to paste & add coconut oil to the paste. Rub this green juice mask in the hair once in a month to get the shiny hair.

Green Apple Juice

Green apple juice is another method to treat the hair right. Massage this green juice into your hair and your scalp. After 15 minutes wash with the cold water and repeat the following week.

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10 Embarrassing Health Problems Of Men

10 Embarrassing Health Problems Of Men

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There are some embarrassing health issues of men suffer. Some of them could be due to medical reasons and may need a doctor’s help whereas some of them could be minor issues that can treat by home remedies.

It could be your clogged arteries that inform you when you are in bed or the mouth odour that will turn her off just when you try to brush her lips with yours; some health conditions may embarrass you seriously.

At the end of the day, these embarrassing medical conditions will affect the self-esteem of a man if they have not treated on time. Hence, it is important to address them and give them attention in time to solve the issues & feel healthy. Now, let us discuss those embarrassing male medical conditions. Here is 10 Embarrassing Health Problems Of Men

Frequent Urination

As you age, your chances of suffering from enlarged prostate may increase. It may begin to frequent urination, and if that happens when you go out on a date with someone, you will naturally feel embarrassed. Consult a doctor to get the condition treated.

10 Embarrassing Health Problems Of MenErectile Dysfunction

It is one of most dangerous, embarrassing male medical conditions. When your organ is not in the control, you may feel terribly embarrassed particularly in the bedroom. It is enough to undergo the medical examination to rule out conditions like diabetes or clogged arteries.

Premature Ejaculation

It is another issue that may kill a man’s confidence levels drastically. Various reasons for anxiety and stress may also cause this problem. Talk to a therapist rather of trying miracle cures that are being advertised everywhere.


Bad breath makes things very difficult for any man who has plans to kiss the woman or even have an informal conversation. It could be due to foods or bad oral hygiene; consult a dentist and seek a remedy.

Butt Acne

When you feel like removing the clothes to show off the manhood to the special someone, you cannot when you have butt acne. As it is the skin issue, you can follow the home remedies or get the cream prescribed by a dermatologist.

Bad Gas

It is quite natural to pass the gas when you suffer digestive issues or bloating. But this condition may embarrass you in social situations.

Beer Belly

The best thing to do to reduce the beer belly is quite a beer & junk food. Of course, reducing the calorie intake and performing exercises is also important to solving this embarrassing issue.

Jock Itch

When suffer this fungal infection, you feel tempted to scratch the crotch that may embarrass you when you are with the girl. Consult the doctor to get an anti-fungal remedy before you set out on a date.

Body Odour

If your body emits the foul smell, you may feel embarrassed to hug your woman. Using an anti-antiperspirant or a perfume may help temporarily but consult a doctor to figure out the exact reasons behind the problem.

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