Green Juice Masks That Make Hair Shine

Green Juice Masks That Make Hair Shine

Green Juice Masks That Make Hair Shine

It is the chance to look at some of the excellent juices you can pamper the hair. These juices on the list that Boldsky has shared with you are readily available since you want to prepare it at home. One thing that is popular on the list is that all these juices had made out of only green fruits & vegetables. The presence of vitamins & nutrients in these green foods will help to increase your locks thus giving it a natural shine in week’s time.

What is more surprising is that these green juices that have used for your hair is not only best to make the locks shine, but to also help to get rid of other hair difficulties like dry hair, dandruff, lice & even split ends as the minerals in these juices serve to make the hair soft. So, what you were are waiting for, have a look at some of the green juice masks you can apply to get shiny hair. Green Juice Masks That Make Hair Shine

Green Juice Masks That Make Hair ShineMint Juice

In the pot of hot water, add a hundred gms of mint leaves. Release it to boil in the water for 15 minutes. Now strain the water and wash the hair with this water to get natural shiny hair in a week’s time.

Cabbage Juice

Grind one whole cabbage to paste. Add half the mug of rose water to the dough to make a hair mask. Now apply this cabbage juice to your scalp to get shiny hair in less than 15 days.

Spinach Juice

Boil 500 gms of spinach. When done, grind the leaves to the paste. Now add fresh milk to the paste to make the hair mask or spinach juice. Rinse your hair with this green juice to make the hair shine naturally.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice is cooling for your hair & is one of the best green veggies you can use on your tresses to get the shiny mane. On the other hand, this herbal hair mask prevents your hair from getting too oily too.

Bean Juice

Beans one of the giant veggies rich in proteins, which is why it is on the list to pamper your hair. Grind 500 gms beans to paste & add coconut oil to the paste. Rub this green juice mask in the hair once in a month to get the shiny hair.

Green Apple Juice

Green apple juice is another method to treat the hair right. Massage this green juice into your hair and your scalp. After 15 minutes wash with the cold water and repeat the following week.

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