Are Mushrooms Safe To Eat?

Are Mushrooms Safe To Eat?

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Mushrooms are delicious when cooked with the best recipe. But, are some mushrooms toxic for you? The answer is yes. Some mushrooms are edible while some others come with toxic effects.

Usually, mushrooms are widely used for cooking and are considered as the ‘meat’ of the vegetable world.

Intake of edible mushrooms has many benefits for your health. But before adding mushroom in your diet, try to understand the difference between edible mushrooms and toxic mushrooms. Misidentification of mushrooms can cause serious health effects or even death.

There are some tips to select safe mushrooms. The foremost thing to do is to avoid mushrooms with white gills, avoid mushrooms with the red cap and never consume mushrooms unless you are sure that it is 100% safe.

Is mushroom toxic? No, not all mushrooms are poisonous. Some mushrooms are poisonous & may even cause death like fly agaric with bright red cap, angel wing, deadly dapperling that is small in size but very dangerous and the deadly webcap that looks edible but is a killer. Are Mushrooms Safe To Eat?

Mushrooms such as chanterelles, morels, lion’s mane mushroom, maitake mushroom and oyster mushroom are edible and delicious to eat. Now, you might have got the answer for the questions are some mushrooms toxic for you? Let’s talk about the causes of the poisonous effects:

Are Mushrooms Safe To Eat?Gastrointestinal Irritants:

One of the most common causes of mushroom poisoning is the presence of gastrointestinal irritants. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can see within 20 minutes to 4 hours after consumption of mushrooms. It can be severe and in such cases, hospitalization is essential.


Mushrooms are mysterious items, and people have doubts such as are some mushrooms toxic for you. Muscarine is toxic, and it may cause damage to the involuntary nervous system. Usually, symptoms are the excess production of saliva and sweat, decrease in blood pressure and even difficulty in breathing.


Amatoxins are dangerous toxins found in mushrooms. It may cause severe problems. Within 24 hours, the toxins may be absorbed into the blood.


As gyromitrin is a toxin seen in almost all fungal genes, some mushrooms may have this content. If you consume mushrooms with this toxin, you may suffer from symptoms like a headache and abdominal problems.


This or alanine is a toxin found in some of the mushrooms. It is one of the acute toxins with symptoms seen only after 36 hours to 3 weeks. It may lead to severe health issues, especially failure in kidney function.


Psilocybin is a natural element that has produced by more than 200 species of mushrooms. Identifying edible and poisonous mushrooms are critical because of this. The symptoms can see within an hour of consumption and may last 4 hours.


It is one of the mycotoxins observed in some mushrooms. The symptoms start when combined with alcohol. Usually, symptoms are vomiting, nausea and facial reddening. It can see within 5 or 10 minutes of intake.

Tips To Use Lemon Peel For Skin

Tips To Use Lemon Peel For Skin

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Many of us have used the lemon juice for several skin remedies but seldom do we use the lemon peel for beauty.

As lemon peels are also rich in the vitamin C & many other nutrients, you cannot rule out the skin whitening & bleaching properties of these peels.

The next time when you compress the juice out of lemons, make it a point to dry those peels rather of throwing them away. Once those skins are dried up, you can grind them to get the fine powder.

That powder can be the best friend when following skin care methods. The benefits of the lemon peels go beyond whitening the skin.

Now, let us discuss some tips that help us exploit the lemon peel benefits for the skin. See few Tips To Use Lemon Peel For Skin

Tips To Use Lemon Peel For Skin

Tip: 1

Take any lemon peel powder in the small vessel & add some coconut water to it. The paste needs to have smeared on the areas where you have pimples on the face. Leave it on the face for a whole night & clean it in the morning. When you do this regularly, your acne breakouts & marks can be kept under the control.


For soft & silky skin, try this remedy. Mix the teaspoon of lemon juice & a teaspoon of lemon peel powder in a teaspoon of orange juice. The paste can have applied to the face and cleansed after 30 minutes.

Tip: 3

To prevent or treat wrinkles, add some lemon peel powder to some papaya juice. This mixture can have applied to the face and neck. After you clean the face, moisturise the skin with olive oil.

Tip: 4

Try exfoliation with lemon peel powder. Just add a teaspoon of sea salt in a teaspoon of lemon peel powder. Add a few drops of rose water. Use this mixture as a scrub to peel the face, neck and even hands. Try this once a week but cleanse the skin smoothly.

Tip: 5

Lemon peels can act as the whitening agents as they contain citric acid. Try this remedy if you have oily skin. Take the teaspoon of lemon peel powder & mix a teaspoon of raw milk to it. This paste requires to have applied on the facial skin. After half an hour, rinse it off using the cool water.

Tip: 6

Lemon peels do have natural bleaching properties. Mix cucumber juice, lemon peel powder, rosewater and Multani mitti. The paste can have used as a mask that clears the surface.

Tip :7

Mix the teaspoon of sugar to the teaspoon of the lemon peel powder. Sprinkle some olive oil over it and make it a paste. You can smoothly scrub your body with the paste.

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Best Remedies To Get Rid Of Moles

Best Remedies To Get Rid Of Moles

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We frequently are annoyed when we have the mole on our face. Sometimes, it appends to the beauty & at times it is in really uncomfortable places. If you are tired & want to lessen moles, then read on to know best remedies to get rid of moles.

Moles are blank but small dark brown clusters that have caused due to pigmentation on the skin. These moles are they’re by birth & get darken with exposure to the sunlight. Certain moles occur due to health reasons & due to the hormonal changes.

You can reduce these moles naturally with homemade remedies than spending a lot at the laser clinic. There are chances that the laser treatment can leave a scar on the spot. Instead of that, you can opt for some of the best remedies to get rid of moles.

Continue to Read on to know best remedies to get rid of moles.

Best remedies to get rid of moles


The natural enzymes present in garlic helps to break down the pigments that cause moles to form. To get rid of moles permanently place a piece of garlic on the mole and leave it overnight. It aids to get rid of moles in the span of 3 to 5 days.


Try iodine to reduce moles as it is safe to use also when you have sensitive skin. Place a drop of it on the surface & see the result in just a few days. Iodine is one of the best remedies to get rid of moles.

Castor Oil

It is a magical oil as it does wonder to the skin. It can be very efficient to cure moles or skin tags & even warts. To get rid of moles, mix the castor oil and a little amount of baking soda to make the paste. Use this on the mole & see the miracles.

Onion Juice

The acidic properties in onion help to reduce the pigmentation initially. Apply it daily to get rid of the mole over a period. It is one of the ways to lessen flaws.

Aloe Vera

Apply the pulp of aloe vera straight on the skin. Standard application of aloe vera Decreases the pigmentation and fades that moles.


Mix honey & flaxseed oil in equal amounts. Apply this on the mole. It is one of the best home remedies to get rid of moles.

If you have any suggestions or comments then do share with us.

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Improve Your Digestion With These Tips

Improve Your Digestion With These Tips

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If you were facing digestion issues, you perform to look for the natural remedies possible to get rid of it. Today, we are going to share few points on how you can enhance your digestion.

Drinking the coke or popping the digestion pill does not solve the digestion issues altogether. These are just temporary food products. After a period, you start to feel bloated again. Alternatively, check out the best tips to increase the digestion.

Do you know that the healthy digestive system keeps the heart healthy? Well, it does. Eating healthy food & most importantly eating the meals at the right point of time helps in good digestion, & it keeps your heart healthy as well.

Check out as how you can increase the metabolism with these tips. Here are few Improve Your Digestion With These Tips.

Improve Your Digestion With These Tips

Water Intake

It is the best tip to enhance your digestion. Drink good amount of water to digest the food. Drinking fruit juices, water or any other beverage helps to control the metabolism.

Eat Fibrous Foods

Make sure you incorporate fibrous foods in your diet. It helps in easy digestion. Eat a banana every day. It keeps your digestive problems at bay.

Avoid Diet Trends

We frequently follow the latest trends when it comes to dieting. As we experiment the new trends, we spoil our health. Do not follow new trends quickly. If you were planning to diet, then make sure you check with a dietician first.

Keep the Liver Healthy

Wondering how the health of your liver affects your digestion? Studies suggest that a healthy liver helps to detox our body. It in turn helps in the digestion. Apart from this, you require avoiding drinking alcohol.

Eat Curd

Regular intake of curd keeps your body temperature cool and helps in digestion. Include this in your everyday meal.

Avoid Stress

Last but not the least tip to follow. Avoiding stress is the most important step you can take to improve your overall health. Eating enough food and having a good sleep helps to be stress-free. It also prevents several digestion problems.

If you have any opinions then so feel free to share with us.

Desires To Avoid For Good Health

Desires To Avoid For Good Health

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To be healthy & to stay fit, we require taking individual steps. There are few cravings and temptations that we need avoiding for good health.

Today, we are sharing some of the most common wishes that one requires avoiding for the good health. Eating the right food is not only mantra for being overall healthy. There are few steps we want to take apart from our diet.

In this post, we share the best things to be done apart from the exercise to stay fit. Try to follow these steps in the daily routine to get the best of being healthy & staying fit.

Read on to know more about the wants one should avoid for the good health. Here are few Desires To Avoid For Good Health.

Desires To Avoid For Good HealthSmoking

Originally, this habit begins off as a fun activity. But you never know when you get adherent to it. Smoking has many opposing effects on the health of a person. Even if you are a second-hand smoker, it destroys the health. Try to avoid this wish for good health.

Touching Skin Constantly

If you love touching your face often, it’s time you stop doing so. Touching your skin or face always gives rise to acne and many bacterial problems. Try to avoid this desire for a bright and clean face.

Avoid One Night Stands

People do this for the thrill and end up regretting life. Having unarmed sex with an unknown person helps to get all deadly viruses. The duck was having sex with people about whom you do not know much. Use protection every time to have sex as this would help prevent deadly diseases like AIDS & HIV.

Sleeping Late

With the latest technology of mobile phones and constant chatting, we never realize that it’s time to sleep. Most people these days suffer from insomnia. Avoid this want to stay healthy.

Avoiding Breakfast

With our fast paced lives, we normally skip our breakfast when we rush to work everyday morning. Avoiding breakfast is an awful option as our body craves for food after 8-9 hours. Drink at least a glass of milk.

Sweet Tooth

If you have the sweet tooth and has addicted to sweets, then it’s time to stop living on these foods. It disturbs the insulin levels therefore causing diabetes & other health issues apart from tooth cavities. Eat them occasionally. If you have any information to be shared then feel free to share the tips.

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