Gypsy Makeup Ideas for Face, Eyes, and Lips

Gypsy Makeup Ideas for Face, Eyes, and Lips

Colours, heavy ornaments & the aura of mystery…that is what the gypsy has often connected with. These wandering people, who immigrated to Europe from India in the 14th century, are recognized to have a different style & fashion of their own. If you love the idea they dress up & put their makeup, this is a post for you. Read on to understand gypsy makeup including costume ideas.

Gypsy Makeup for Face

• Choose the foundation that is a shade or two darker than the original skin color. This will assist you to accomplish the suntanned look. Your face, as well as the neck, should be evenly coated with the foundation therefore that you get the natural look. Remember you, the original meaning of gypsies describes them as nomadic people by dark hair color & dark skin tones.
• Dab any blush on the cheeks. Begin from the cheek bones & sweep the the upwards towards the ears.

Gypsy Makeup for Eyes

As the ‘mysterious’ eyes form a vital part of the gypsy makeup look, try concentrating on that first. Receive the grip of jet black eyeliner & eyeshadow in dark shades. Shades related dark plum or deep gray look fabulous. Now follow the following steps-

• Use the makeup brush and apply eye shadow. The eye shadow should certainly stand out.
• It is preferable to receive the hold of two shades of the similar eye shadow color. The darker shade would include the eyelids during the lighter shade should include the areas adjacent the lids. The eyeshadow should go away the corners of your eyes & then, fade away.
• Soon, apply the eyeliner, close to the eyes & apply it thickly.
• Begin with the lower lash line by the special center on the inner corners. Continue the line of the bit behind the outer corner.
• Now apply it on the upper lid of the eye following your lash line exactly. This should extend to the outer corner of the eye.
• Repeat the same method for both the eyes.
• Slant the line of liner on several of the eyes’ bottom portion to look line an extension of your eyeliner. This can be accomplished by drawing a half-an-inch line from outside corner of your eyes.
• Both the elongated lines should meet & fall a tad upward curve, somewhat line the cat’s eye.
• Load the lashes with jet black mascara. 2 to 3 layers of mascara would be good.
• Do not forget the eyebrows. If they are not that dark, make certain you fill the brows by some dark brown liner or eyebrow pencil.

Gypsy Makeup for Lips

• If you need the eyes to be the center of attraction, use lighter shades of maroon, red, or purple.
• If you need the gypsy makeup to be definitely colorful, go for dark lips.
• Do not neglect to sweep any gloss on the lips.


So, the right sort of makeup & accessories ease to accentuate the gypsy look & it is essential that the invest in them well before you need to try out this look. It is the look that you may need to sport in the theme party or a go-as-you-like get collectively with friends; you want to carry it with confidence & it has confirmed that you DO NOT try it for an Indian family party!

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