10 Ways to Use Honey For Your Health

10 Ways to Use Honey For Your Health

10 Ways to Use Honey For Your Health

Natural honey that has not heated is a unique raw ingredient for your health; add it to the bath water, can use honey as the face mask or as a relaxing drink. And you can gain its anti-bacterial properties that aid treats infections, emotional stress, skin problems, & will also help to lose weight.

Honey color alters between the different kinds. The darker color symbolizes that the antioxidants level is very high. It is ver important to note that heating honey over 40 degree Celsius might ruin its health properties.

Using honey, & not just for eating is also one of the many habits featured in my e-book 70 Important Habits For A Great Health which will guide you how to take active steps to enhance the wellness & overall health. Aside from eating, one can use honey in various additional techniques to benefit your health:

1. Cold & flu

A favorite drink for cold or flu is hot water with the honey, lemon, cinnamon, & ginger. It is suggested to drink it every two hours. See my recipe for cleansing ginger lemon tea.

2. A cough, sore throat, & chest infections

Honey is used in several homemade syrups to treat a cough & chest infections. Find here a simple to make homemade syrup relieve a sore throat & cough that contains only three ingredients. One more great recipe is garlic syrup for the chest diseases which also contains honey.

3. Acne & Skin breakouts

Use a drop of natural honey on pimples before going to the bed and it will evaporate almost overnight because of its anti-bacterial features. Also, honey dries wounds & prevents skin irritation & inflammation.


10 Ways to Use Honey For Your Health4. Wounds and burns

A bandage smeared with honey provides a humid environment for the skin, aids prevent infections, excludes odors and decreases inflammation.

5. Dry skin

Honey is a excellent ingredient to use in bath thanks to its healing and softening properties. You can use it directly on the tough skin, or melt the honey in water & add the mixture to a bath water.

6. Dry lips

Apply the light honey on dry or chapped lips, & leave it for a few minutes to relax them. If you have more time, one can make this fabulous lip balm which also contains honey.

7. Gingivitis

Apply honey directly on the affected area. It will aid to address the problem instantly.

8. Stress

Prepare the calming herbal brew using herbs like passionflower, and chamomile, melissa, and sweetened it with honey to improve the calming effect.

9. Stomach ulcers

Two tablespoons per day should be sufficient for most kinds of Stomach ulcers. Take honey on an empty stomach three times per day for about three weeks.

10. Menstrual cycle

Honey arouses the production of the omega-6 fatty acid that controls hormonal processes in our body. The suggestion is to take a tablespoon of honey in the glass of warm water or herbal tea once per day.

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