Natural Remedies For Foot Odor

People are quite embarrassed and consternated with foot odor. Excessive perspiration causes this common problem. The moisture and warmth give a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to prosper and flourish. Below explained are Natural Remedies For Foot Odor.

The bacteria give off the foul & unpleasant odor which becomes the bane of hygiene & cleanliness. There are many sweat glands in every foot which offer a lot of sweat. This sweat mixes with the bacteria that are naturally present on our skin as the portion of the human flora & produces bad smelling things that cause foot odor.

Effective Natural Remedies For Foot Odor

Black Tea

Black tea has several healing & curing powers. The tannins obtained in black tea should superb antibacterial qualities. They are too full of astringent properties that restrain the activity of the sweat glands & reduce the bad smell. Put to boil one liter of water & add five added teaspoons of the black tea to it. Boil for 5 minutes & cool the tea. Soak the feet in this solution for half every day.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has extensive and various uses. It is very helpful for excluding foot odor. It restricts the activity of a bacteria & the sweat glands and controls the pH balance of the skin. Put some of the warm water into the foot bath. Add two heaped tbsp of baking soda to it. Soak the feet in this solution for half an hour. Daily usage of this remedy will soon relieve you of the embarrassing foot odor.

Natural Remedies For Foot OdorEpsom Salt

Fill the foot bath with lukewarm water. Add two tbsp of Epsom salt to it & soak the feet in this solution for about half an hour, two times daily. The magnesium sulfate being in the Epsom salt brings out all the toxins or unwanted substances from the skin, eases the sweat glands and demolishes the bacteria. General use, for a month or two, will reduce the problem of the foot odor. You will no spacious feel embarrassed, the time you draw your feet out of the shoes.


Join some cornstarch & sandalwood powder commonly. After the bath, dry your feet thoroughly and before exhausting the socks, spray the blend of cornstarch & sandalwood powder, liberally in between the toes, on the soles and your feet. You should take care to use cotton socks only. Your feet will settle dry & sweet smelling during the day.

Simple Home Remedies For Beauty problems

Simple Home Remedies For Beauty problems

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There are some of simple beauty chops that you can do at home to beautify your skin. These simple beauty methods may help you to solve most of the beauty problems such as yellow nails, frizzy hair, acne, dull skin & much more.

In this post, we have mentioned easiest probable ways to enhance the beauty and that too within the matter of minutes. Visiting a parlour to correct some small but very important beauty concerns is not always probable both financially & due to time constraint.

However, if you use the natural method to address the beauty problems, your skin may be safe from the harsh chemicals that so used in most parlours. Every lady must know these simple beauty hacks.

Here, we have summed up for the some important methods to solve most of the beauty problems. Have a look at some methods and hacks. Simple Home Remedies For Beauty problems

Simple Home Remedies For Beauty problems

Home Made Nail Cleaner

To make the own nail cleaner, mix 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide with 2 tbsp of baking soda. Rub this on the nails & keep it for about 10 minutes. Later rinse off.

Turn Eyeshadow Into An Eyeliner

Mix some Vaseline or olive oil in the powder eyeshadow. Use a small brush & apply it to the eyes as an eyeliner. In this way, we can use different shades of eyeliners & also experiment with new colors.

Kiwi Mask For the Glowing Skin

If you require an immediate glowing skin, use kiwi fruit. Kiwis are rich in vitamin C & makes dull skin look wonderful. Mash a kiwi & apply it to the face with a mild rubbing motion, avoiding the eyes.


Mash some of the raspberries & add lemon juice to it. Apply this paste on the face. Keep it for fifteen minutes to get rid of acne.

Clean Up Or Declog Skin Pores

To unclog the skin pores. Use the gelatin powder that you can purchase from the market. Mix a two tablespoons of plain gelatin with two teaspoons of milk. Apply it on face using a soft brush. Keep it on until it dries on the face.

Toothpaste For Yellow Nails

There is a great beauty tip to whiten the yellow nails. Put some toothpaste on the nails & scrub for some time. You can prefer a whitening toothpaste that can work the best.

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